Esri releases ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint

Esri releases ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint


California, US: Esri released ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint. ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint is a set of easy-to-configure Web parts, delivered as an out-of-the box solution for displaying information on a map in SharePoint. With the latest release, it is easier for ArcGIS Server users to work with their information in Microsoft’s file-sharing and Web publishing software. The new version features a streamlined user interface and advanced geoprocessing capabilities built on an extensible framework.

New geocoding enhancements shorten workflows by allowing address locations to be automatically updated when a data record is added or changed. Esri also revamped the software to improve extensibility, providing a lightweight framework that makes it easy to add custom commands, behaviours and layout widgets to the application.

“We have greatly simplified the effort required to create new maps in SharePoint and add maps from existing ArcGIS applications,” said Bob Hazelton, Product Manager for ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint. “This opens the audience pool to include designers with no programming background. Developers will find the ability to extend ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint with the ArcGIS API for Silverlight to be very helpful.”

Source: Esri