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ESRI recognizes EUB for their Public Safety & Sour Gas website

The Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB), was recently presented with an Award of Excellence at ESRI Canada’s eighth annual ESRI Regional User Conference in Calgary. Alex Miller, President of ESRI Canada, the GIS provider in Canada, presented the Award in recognition of the EUB’s GIS-enabled Public Safety and Sour Gas website as well as the Field Surveillance Inspection System. More than 200 GIS professionals were present during the presentation, which was one of the highlights of the conference.

Mr. Miller commended EUB for its efficient use of GIS in managing the energy resources responsibly. The EUB is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta. As part of its mission, EUB ensures that the discovery, development, and delivery of Alberta’s energy resources and utilities services take place in a manner that is fair, responsible, and in the public interest. They regulate the safe, responsible, and efficient development of Alberta’s energy resources including oil, natural gas, oil sands, coal, and electrical energy, as well as the pipelines and transmission lines to move the resources to market. Within utilities they regulate rates and terms of service of investor-owned natural gas, electric, and water utility services, as well as the major intra-Alberta gas transmission system, to ensure that customers receive safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates.

Based upon public concerns, the EUB formed the Provincial Advisory Committee on Public Safety and Sour Gas in January 2000, to review the regulatory system for sour gas as it relates to public health and safety.

The Advisory Committee made 87 recommendations to the EUB regarding sour gas health effects and sour gas research; sour gas development planning and approval; sour gas operations; emergency preparedness; and information, communication, and consultation. To facilitate this, the EUB has constructed a web-based GIS using ArcIMS. ArcIMS exceeded the needs defined for the project and will be used to provide online maps and information regarding energy activity in Alberta.

The Field Surveillance Inspection System (FIS) was custom developed using MapObjects to automate and support the core processes of the Field Surveillance Branch (one of the EUB’s Branches). The FIS system supports an integrated approach for capturing electronic notification of events from the oil and gas industry, executing inspections, and enforcing regulatory compliance.

ESRI Canada presents Awards of Excellence annually to organizations and individuals across the country for their outstanding achievement in the application of GIS technology.