ESRI publishes reference guide

ESRI publishes reference guide


US: ESRI has released a reference guide named Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections. It helps in resolving the problem of aligning disparate map projections with GIS technology. Designed for beginning and advanced ArcGIS practitioners, the guide offers practice techniques for identifying and creating accurate map projections and coordinate systems.

It covers technical information ranging from procedures used to identify unknown map projections to the creation of custom projections for unique data alignment. While written specifically for users of ArcGIS, this book is a guide for anyone working with map projections, coordinate systems, and data conversion.

“I have found that data misalignment is one of the biggest issues faced by GIS users,” says author Margaret M. Maher, a specialist in projections and data conversion in ESRI’s Support Services department. “While understanding coordinate systems can be a challenge, I believe that this book is filled with practical techniques that will demystify the process.”

Source: ESRI