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ESRI Press releases

ESRI has announced Undersea with GIS, edited by Dawn J. Wright, has been released by ESRI Press, the publishing arm of the well-known geographic information system (GIS) software developer. Wright is an associate professor in the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University.

This collection of works from experts in marine biology, oceanography, aquatic resource management, and other fields charts the ways in which GIS is beginning to help improve our understanding of the oceans. Issues discussed include the current efforts to map the sea’s floor, tracking the journeys of whales and tuna to preserve species in threatened areas, developing new kinds of nautical charts to give mariners an astonishing three-dimensional view of their progress through the water, and how GIS might be used to more efficiently track the location of sunken vessels.

The book comes with a CD–ROM loaded with marine-oriented GIS tools: ArcView extensions and ARC Macro Language (AML) scripts, ocean data, three-dimensional marine multimedia underwater fly-throughs, and a sample educational module for K–12 teachers. Many of these tools are direct demonstrations of the concepts and applications described in the chapters of the book, provided by ocean GIS specialists from all over the United States—men and women in the vanguard of this last, great exploration of the earth.