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ESRI press expands its cartographic classic series

US: ESRI Press expanded its cartographic classics series with the book, The Look of Maps: An Examination of Cartographic Design by Arthur H. Robinson. The series also includes Cartographic Relief Presentation by Eduard Imhof and the soon-to-be-published Semiology of Graphics by Jacques Bertin.

Originally published in 1952, The Look of Maps is based on Robinson’s doctoral research, which investigated the relationship between science and art in cartography and the resultant refinement of graphic techniques in mapmaking to present dynamic geographic information. The book examines a wide range of topics related to the visual aspects of cartography including lettering, structure and colour. It is considered by many to have inspired the shift in cartographic research from the simple production of maps to communication and design theory.

Robinson authored and co-authored many influential articles and books on cartography including Elements of Cartography, The Nature of Maps, and Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography. In addition, he developed the Robinson projection, which is used to create visually appealing maps of the world by minimising the distortion inherent in projecting a spherical image onto a two-dimensional plane.

Source: ESRI