ESRI Press book highlights SDI efforts in Europe

ESRI Press book highlights SDI efforts in Europe


US: ESRI Press published second edition of Building European Spatial Data Infrastructures. The book talks about the European Union’s (EU) ongoing efforts to develop comprehensive, multinational spatial data infrastructures (SDIs). Designed as a reference for GIS professionals and decision makers, the new edition promotes a general understanding of SDI concepts and provides examples of practical applications.

This revised edition of the book presents an overview of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) Directive, which provides the framework for EU community member states to implement regional SDIs and the processes involved in SDI development and implementation. Benefits include greater access to current data, the reduction of redundant data, the development of collaborative projects and comprehensive cost savings. The included case studies demonstrate how organisations across Europe are working together to maximise access to GIS data through the creation of SDIs.

Ian Masser, author of the book, said, “GIS applications span a very broad range and new uses are emerging all the time. However, it must be recognised that the full potential of GIS can be realised only if the necessary SDIs are in place at the local, national and transnational levels.”

Source: ESRI