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ESRI partners with IVS 3D

Redlands, California, USA—Interactive Visualisation Systems (IVS) 3D has joined ESRI’s business partner programme. IVS 3D is a vendor of interactive 3D visualisation and analysis software for marine information. This partnership will benefit organisations with workflows that visualise and analyse bathymetric data for use in the maritime community including the defence, petroleum, environment, and hydrographic sectors.

The two companies are working toward the ability to read and write from IVS 3D’s Fledermaus suite of software directly into ESRI’s geodatabase, the common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS. Storing data in a geodatabase ensures that it is in a centralised location, maintaining integrity and consistency in the most efficient way in a multiuser environment. Fledermaus will be able to embrace a service-oriented architecture (SOA), one of the characteristics of ESRI enterprise GIS technology.