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ESRI offers Migrating to ArcGIS Workshops

ESRI has announced the Migrating to ArcGIS workshop series being held throughout the United States to teach ESRI software users how to get the most out of the ArcGIS software suite.

ArcGIS 8 technology is a major new release of ESRI’s desktop geographic information system (GIS) software and provides a significantly enhanced user experience. New features include a catalog for browsing and managing data, on-the-fly coordinate and data projection, metadata creation, customization with built-in Visual Basic for Applications, new geographic editing tools, improved annotation support, enhanced cartographic tools, and much more.

The new functionality within ArcGIS 8 allows desktop GIS users to accomplish tasks more easily than before. As a result, new skills are needed to help them get the most out of ArcGIS 8. Experts from ESRI are teaching these skills in a series of workshops across the United States.

Workshop attendees will be given lecture-style instruction consisting of slides and demonstrations. Attendees will receive a workbook and CD with video tutorials that can be reviewed later and shared with co-workers. The workshops are intended for ESRI users who have not yet migrated their projects to the ArcGIS 8 technology. They are designed so that a few people from an organization can attend and then disseminate the information learned to others in their organization.