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ESRI offers free data to investigative journos

US: A new partnership between ESRI and Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (IRE) has enabled INR members located in the United States to get a complimentary subscription of ESRI Business Analyst Online (BAO), a web-based demographic data exploration application. This combination of GIS software technology and extensive demographic data for the United States will make it easier for reporters to investigate demographic patterns for news articles.

Mark Horvit, IRE executive director said, “This new partnership brings IRE members a new tool they can use to add demographic data to their stories.”

With BAO, IRE members can access information including demographic data, street basemaps, imagery, data from government sources and Microsoft’s Bing business location information. Data summaries can be prepared easily through 17 preformatted reports and maps, or users can interact with the data, creating their own thematic maps and uploading additional data. Reporters and editors can highlight data such as street addresses, event locations and areas of interest to show analysis according to factors such as drive times. All data and analysis can be accessed with BAO using Web browsers on both PCs and Mac computers.

For specialised data needs, news outlets can obtain data and maps from the ESRI product marketing team, which has extensive experience working with news media.

Source: ESRI