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Esri offers ELAs to regional governments

Redlands, US: Esri announced that with encouragement from the National Association of Regional Councils, the company now offers enterprise license agreements (ELAs) to regional governments in the US. Extended availability of government ELAs brings unlimited use of ArcGIS software to the staffs of councils of governments, associations of governments, and regional and metropolitan planning organisations.
Organisations such as the Georgia Association of Regional Commissions have already recognised the value of an enterprise-wide GIS and made special arrangements to obtain ArcGIS ELAs. The newly expanded government ELA programme will make it easier for regional governments to obtain similar agreements. Because the ArcGIS system supports desktop, mobile, web and cloud implementations from one integrated geospatial platform, regional governments can apply this technology to everything from collecting and analysing data to offering innovative citizen engagement tools such as map-based mobile applications.
Source: Esri