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ESRI moves to expand its support of enterprise GIS

ESRI has announced the formation of a new Enterprise Solutions team. This will centralize responsibility for enterprise program support within ESRI and provide a new set of services and processes to better support mission critical users. ESRI began rolling out these programs in March 2004.

“Our goal is to be involved earlier in the project life cycle to develop a shared GIS technology strategy,” says Steve Grisé, architect for the new Enterprise Solutions team, “and develop a specific plan for services and support to guarantee successful project delivery. Enterprise programs require additional planning and implementation services beyond traditional GIS projects—we believe that engaging highly-skilled ESRI, business partner, and/or international distributor resources, especially early in the life cycle, will help ensure successful projects.”

Grisé says the group will concentrate on specific activities related to enterprise-level GIS solutions. These include:

• Providing leadership for a new set of enterprise-level support programs from ESRI and business partners

• Expanding current enterprise-level testing and benchmarking activities

• Overseeing a GIS project management and design Web site as a resource for project teams

• Providing technical leadership for ESRI’s Enterprise Advantage Program and other enterprise programs activities

• Providing feedback to ESRI software development teams on enterprise requirements