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Esri launches Conservation Mapping Competition

US: Esri in association with Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) launched International Conservation Mapping Competition. It aims to bring special recognition to those involved in conservation initiatives. The Competition is open to all nonprofit conservation groups and the individuals who support them. A total of USD 10,000 in prize money will be awarded in six different categories.

Categories include:
1) Grand Prize (USD 5,000): Best exemplification of conservation mapping.
2) Best Traditional Cartography (USD 1,000): Best design and art in a static map (hard copy or online).
3) Best Interactive Web Map (USD 1,000): Best design and usability in an interactive web map.
4) Best Use of Science (USD 1,000): Best design and impact in presenting challenging scientific concepts.
5) Best Societal Impact (USD 1,000): Most compelling impact on society.
6) Best Innovation (USD 1,000): Most creative use of mapping tools to communicate a conservation message.

As per the guideline of the competition, entries must be created using Esri GIS as a primary tool. The deadline to receive entries is 11:59 p.m. (PST) March 15, 2011. Winners will be announced in the summer 2011 issue of Conservation Magazine.

Source: Esri