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ESRI international health GIS conference approaches

ESRI will host the 2003 ESRI International Health GIS Conference being held May 4–7, 2003, in Arlington, Virginia. Presentations, technical demonstrations, expositions, and a map gallery take shape under the conference’s focus, GIS: Changing the Way We Think and Act. Health care professionals will have the opportunity to explore how geographic information system (GIS) technology lowers the barriers for improving health conditions that affect the well being of the world.

A GIS provides powerful analytical, visual, and operational tools for understanding and getting around in our world. The complex analysis of the intersection of environmental, economic, political, medical, and social conditions that affect the world’s health is one of the many benefits of a GIS. As health organizations strive to meet the demands of a resource-constrained world, the use of GIS in service logistics has taken on even greater value. Understanding problems, making decisions, taking action, and providing assurances is what today’s modern and progressive health organization is about.

The ESRI International Health GIS Conference participants will also see and hear about the latest advances in GIS technology and future developments in topics such as geodatabase design, disease surveillance, health geography network, and enterprise GIS. Health and human services directors, GIS technical managers, and other GIS users will be able to attend more than 45 technical sessions, visit vendor exhibits, participate in the interactive Health Care Situation Room demonstration, and witness firsthand the SAS Bridge for ESRI.

Sessions at the conference will focus on GIS usage in the following areas:

· Improving community health
· Changing the way health services are delivered
· GIS-driven policy changes in health and human services
· Changing the way health organizations work using GIS
· Evidence-based decision making using GIS
· GIS in disaster and bioterrorism preparedness planning
· GIS in disease surveillance

The conference is highly recommended for health and human services professionals at both the executive and technical levels working in those areas that most directly affect policy analysis, service outcomes, information dissemination, health surveillance, health service performance improvement, and information systems technology. The deadline to register for the conference is April 11, 2003.