Esri India User Conference kicks off in New Delhi

Esri India User Conference kicks off in New Delhi


New Delhi, India:
With the theme ‘GIS – Transforming our World’, the 14th Esri India User Conference commenced in New Delhi. The conference aims to bring together the users of Esri technology in the Indian subcontinent. Numerous GIS as well as ICT professionals, working across government, academia and industry verticals were present at the first day of the event.

Inaugurating the conference, Agendra Kumar, President, Esri India explained the role and objective of the User Conference. He explained various applications of Esri’s ArcGIS across utilities and government sector in India. He highlighted how GIS is transforming into Web GIS which is useful for both professional as well as enterprise users. He also described how Web GIS helps in integrating and streamlining data in real-time.

Esri and MapmyIndia in a strategic alliance

Kumar also announced a strategic alliance with MapmyIndia at the event. As part of the agreement, MapmyIndia maps will now be available through Esri”s ArcGIS Online (AGOL), a cloud-based GIS platform that can be readily adopted as the mapping platform of choice by organisations. MapmyIndia will be able to take advantage of Esri’s rich development environment, facilitating, for example, the creation of custom server-based GIS applications or embedding GIS functionality into existing applications.

Web GIS is the new architecture

In his plenary address, Dean Angelidas, Director, International Operations, Esri talked about how GIS technology is offering an opportunity to tackle numerous challenges like climate, water scarcity etc. “GIS provides a visual picture of what all is happening. It is changing the way we think and act,” he said. Like Kumar, he also explained how Web GIS is becoming the new architecture these days. “Web GIS is a turning point as it gives the power to integrate all types of data. It is a revolutionary step which provides a roadmap for a smarter society,” he noted. He also discussed the importance of having an open data platform which promotes data sharing across all the departments.

Rajesh C Mathur, Vice Chairman, Esri India talked about the technological vision of Esri India. He explained how GIS technology has evolved from just being a research project to a platform which delivers services now. He traced the history of GIS in India and explained how it is used for several national and state level projects now. He gave various examples where GIS was used by several government and urban local bodies for land information system, human health, law and public safety, natural disaster, utilities, transportation, natural resources etc.

Other keynote speakers at the first day of the conference include Dr S N Das, Director, Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre and Sunil Pawar (IFS), DCF – Bidar, Karnataka Forest Department (KFD). Dr Das highlighted the problem of data sharing in government departments and called for a data sharing policy on the lines of Delhi government. Pawar highlighted various GIS-enabled initiatives taken by the KFD like forest produce tracking system, e-timber, integrated concurrent asset monitoring system, active forest fire mapper, forest encroachment information system, know your forest etc.

Source: Our Correspondent

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