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ESRI India announces next batch for its “GIS for PROFESSIONALS” course

ESRI India is announcing next batch of comprehensive Professional course in GIS from Sept 2nd. It is a full time, intensive course covering introductory concepts to advanced level GIS customization through latest suite of ESRI Products like ArcGIS. These are required to provide a complete understanding of the GIS technology and also provide working knowledge of latest softwares and tools from ESRI.

Components like Spatial Data creation (Digitization), Creating and Managing Geo-databases, 3D terrain modelling, Hydrologic modelling, Network Analysis, Remote Sensing, Mobile GIS and Future trends of GIS are included extensively.

Along with the concepts and fundamentals, Complete course is based on ESRI latest Products like ArcGIS, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, Network Analysis, Creating & Managing Geo-databases.

The Course is modular in structure and more than 60% time is dedicated for hands-on sessions. This course aims to provide a very good start in GIS Profession with ESRI technologies and next batch is scheduled from Sept. 2nd – Sept. 27th, 2002.

We have LIMITED SEATS per batch. Closing date for Registration is August 20th, 2002.

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