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ESRI honours longterm partners

US: At the 2010 ESRI Worldwide Business Partner Conference (BPC), ESRI President Jack Dangermond acknowledged organisations that have been ESRI business partners for more than 20 years. In a special session for long-time partners, he recognised these companies and their dedication to ESRI and its GIS technology.

The partners honoured were: Strategic Information Systems Group (a business partner since 1987), BAE Systems National Security Solutions (since 1988), Global Systems Modeling, Ltd. (since 1988), Green Mountain GeoGraphics, Ltd. (since 1988), Telvent Miner & Miner (since 1988), Camp, Dresser, & McKee, Inc. (since 1989), Landmark Technologies (since 1989), MJ Harden Associates, Inc. (since 1989), Photo Science (since 1989), POWER Engineers, Inc. (since 1989), VESTRA Resources Inc. (since 1989), Pro-West & Associates, Inc. (since 1990).

ESRI’s partners represent a global network of organisations that integrate and extend a variety of technologies and solutions for a broad range of industries. To strengthen this relationship and serve the needs of ESRI’s global partner community of more than 2,000 companies in 46 countries, ESRI has launched a partner network programme.

The new programme provides partners with greater access to detailed product information, development and deployment best practices and marketing and sales resources. The ESRI partner network features three tiers—Silver, Gold and Platinum. All partners will benefit from a higher level of collaboration, with Gold and Platinum partners having the opportunity to develop a go-to-market approach with ESRI for sales, marketing and technical enablement.

Dangermond said, “By launching this new programme, ESRI is renewing its commitment to our partners’ success in their efforts to deliver GIS solutions to our customers. Our relationships with our partners are critical because they allow us to collaborate in developing geospatial technology, building successful applications and providing valuable services.”

The ESRI partner network was created in association with ESRI’s international distributors and leading business partners. ESRI business partners, such as 3-GIS; AECOM, Inc.; Azteca Systems, Inc.; CGx Aero in Sys; CyberTech Systems, Inc.; Geocom; Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.; PenBay Solutions, LLC and SAIC, served as launch partners and offered insight and direction for developing the programme.

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