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ESRI Geoinformatik and Intermap Technologies partners

Denver, USA, October 02, 2007: ESRI Geoinformatik, GmbH and Intermap Technologies Corp. are teaming up to enable GIS users to gain access to mapping data, applications, and solutions based on Intermap’s 3D elevation data and ESRI’s GIS and Mapping software.

The two companies have agreed to develop and introduce a series of unique products that leverage the strengths of both organizations. The partnership enables ESRI Geoinformatik to distribute Intermap’s digital terrain models, digital surface models, and orthorectified radar images. Intermap’s highly accurate terrain data will become the foundation for managing other layers in the geodatabase via ArcWeb Services, ArcGIS Explorer, and ArcGIS Online. Additionally, the two Companies will tap into ESRI’s partner community to develop full solutions to meet market needs throughout the geospatial community.

“We are enthusiastic about the synergies created through this partnership. The solutions we are building are a win-win for everyone involved, especially the end-customers,” stated Kevin Thomas, vice president of marketing for Intermap. “Customers want solutions to quickly and affordably solve their growing geospatial needs. This partnership will combine the expertise of the worldwide leader in GIS software with the company proactively creating uniform nationwide elevation data sets, thus providing easily accessible and intuitive solutions to the GIS community.”

ESRI customers will be able to access and seamlessly integrate accurate and affordable elevation data on-the-fly, either through online problem solving or via online downloads. Customers will also reap the benefits of a significant improvement over the existing data sets that may not be meeting their needs due to the age of the data or lack of uniform accuracy. Additionally, products are being developed to produce turnkey solutions for professionals in the telecommunications, electric and gas, water/wastewater, government, natural resource, and other industries.