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Esri, GeoEye to offer Global Crisis Response Service

Herndon, US: GeoEye partnered with Esri to develop Global Crisis Response Service. It aims to provide Esri ArcGIS users easier access to Current, high-resolution imagery during global crises.

This service, expected to be released this spring, will augment Esri’s current disaster response capability with GeoEye’s ability to task its satellite to collect high-resolution satellite imagery after a crisis. Currently, Esri supports disaster and crisis response globally with best practices, technology and field response teams.

In a press statement, GeoEye claimed that its content plays a critical role in all aspects of disaster response. The new service will provide Esri and their user community access to timely and quality imagery during disasters. This new bundled solution is critical as current world events escalate and first responders, government and commercial risk organisations have the need to see, understand and respond to crisis events when lives and property are at risk. ArcGIS users will be able to leverage GeoEye’s map-accurate imagery and Esri tools to gain clear and timely insight before, during and after a crisis, emergency or global event.

Chris Tully, GeoEye’s Senior Vice President of Sales, said, “Geospatial technology plays a critical role in determining where resources should be deployed most effectively after a crisis. We feel confident that Esri users will see immediate benefits when they leverage timely GeoEye event imagery and Esri support through this service.”

“Imagery plays a vital role during events,” said Russ Johnson, Esri’s Director of Public Safety and Homeland Security. “It allows us to rapidly visualise impacts, analyse change and empower field teams conducting mobile operations. GeoEye and Esri share the same vision for supporting global incidents.”

Source: GeoEye