ESRI enhances access to world geological data

ESRI enhances access to world geological data


US: OneGeology, a global initiative to improve the accessibility of geological map data, will be increasing its capabilities by expanding the GIS technology from ESRI. The 116 nations that participate in the program will benefit from the latest ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension technology (formerly GIS Portal Toolkit) because more of their data will become available on the OneGeology geospatial portal.

OneGeology is a distributed web service that uses national geological data servers around the world. The data is interoperable, and clients can easily access the data layers for free and pull them into their own projects. The program is a voluntary collaboration that is absolutely dependent on data and support from around the world.

“It is vital for countries to have an infrastructure to easily share their geological information,” says Jack Dangermond, ESRI president. ” The availability of shared geological data and maps will open new opportunities for countries to work together more closely, whether it is for science, disaster management, or natural resource development.”

Source: ESRI