ESRI creates one-stop training and education Web site

ESRI creates one-stop training and education Web site


Redlands, California, September 14, 2006 – ESRI has launched a new, streamlined Training and Education Web site this summer to help GIS professionals easily find all the company’s educational resources in one location on the Internet.

The user-friendly Web site replaces two Web sites that separately handled registration for instructor-led classes at ESRI learning centers and the Virtual Campus training conducted via the Internet.

From the new Training and Education site, visitors can register for any ESRI class anywhere and access Web-based self-study courses and seminars. Getting started on a Virtual Campus course is now as simple as visiting, clicking Go to My Training, and selecting My Virtual Campus Courses.

“We felt that all the training we offer, regardless of what type it is, should be able to be found in one place,” says Vicki Hill, project manager for ESRI’s Educational Services, who helped design the new Web site.

ESRI offers more than 150 courses, such as traditional classes held at one of more than 50 U.S.-based learning centers, Virtual Classroom courses taught live by an instructor over the Web, and self-study Virtual Campus courses.

The Web site was designed to include a search tool that lets people find classes by typing in a subject, topic, or title and, if they wish, narrow the search by choosing the software type and a training format such as instructor led or self-study.