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Esri, ComponentOne to enhance mapping applications

Pittsburgh, USA: Esri partnered with ComponentOne to empower Microsoft Visual Studio developers to enhance the functionality, look, and feel of their mapping applications. Developers are encouraged to use the powerful mapping software from Esri and user-interface (UI) controls from ComponentOne to create compelling line-of-business applications.

During the Esri Partner Conference in Palm Springs, ComponentOne Director of Business Development, Todd Schick, announced that ComponentOne UI controls for Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Windows Phone platforms are now powered by Esri mapping software.

The first release of 2012 for ComponentOne’s developer tools products included ComponentOne Maps powered by Esri, for the Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Phone platforms. The enhanced mapping capabilities enable developers to access Esri tiles, data sets, and geoprocessing capabilities that are accessible through Esri ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online products.

“With ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight, Studio for WPF, and Studio for Windows Phone developers get the best of both worlds: the best online mapping services powered by Esri and the best UI controls (grids, charts, reports) from ComponentOne. By taking advantage of what ComponentOne has to offer, ArcGIS users can enhance their mapping applications with high performing datagrids, advanced charting controls and rich navigation and layout controls,” said Esri Development Lead Architect, Art Haddad.

Today’s business climate is such that there is a great demand to improve analysis and decision making while fostering a collaborative environment between GIS and IT organisations. By working together, ComponentOne and Esri are enabling these organisations to integrate geographic information into their existing workflow.

Now the Visual Studio development community can easily incorporate maps into their applications without the need to become GIS experts. Using familiar Visual Studio actions, developers simply drag and drop an Esri map control from the Toolbox onto a form, along with any other UI controls, and connect to a database to have a working application up and running quickly.

Source: ComponentOne