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Esri Cloud Deployment Enables Geospatial Information Sharing

Courtesy: BusinesswebdevsUS: Lockheed Martin and Esri have deployed commercial software to the Amazon Web Services Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) environment with an intelligence community customer, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), in a move that enables government agencies to better share geospatial intelligence.

A detailed press release by Lockheed Martin reveals that the deployment of the portal for Esri’s ArcGIS provides a single environment for analysts to securely organise and share data throughout the intelligence community and Department of Defense. It’s also the foundational step in consolidating multiple geospatial intelligence portals into the single NGA-provided portal, resulting in technology and license cost savings. “Deploying Esri’s Portal for ArcGIS to a commercial cloud environment securely organises existing data and facilitates collaboration across intelligence agencies. This cloud implementation also further shapes the government’s processes for architecting and implementing enterprise class services within a cloud environment,” said Jason O’Connor, Vice President of Analysis and Mission Solutions for Lockheed Martin.

It is believed that ArcGIS connects users to maps and geographic information. Users can create and view maps, compile geographic data, analyse mapped information and share geographic information in a range of applications.

Source: Lockheed Martin