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ESRI China hosted the first Open House at Cyberport

ESRI China (HK) Open House, the first of its kind at Cyberport was held on 15 May 2003 and was attended by over 250 guests. The Grand Opening was officially started with the welcome speech from Dr. Winnie Tang, CEO of ESRI China (Hong Kong) Limited followed by dragon dance eye dotting and ribbon-cutting ceremony by officiating guests. As a major IT company in Hong Kong, ESRI China (HK) commits to the society by investing in Cyberport and helping promote Hong Kong as a digital city in the world.

Prof. Anthony Yeh, President of HK GIS Association, in his keynote speech outlined the development and applications of GIS in Asia. He brought to us valuable information in the use of GIS, pricing of GIS data as well as the future of GIS in Asia. In the afternoon, eight parallel technical sessions on various interesting topics of latest GIS technology development were held. Highlights included application of GIS in reducing running cost for company fleet, GIS web services and so on. In addition, demonstration of the latest ESRI software, showcase of ESRI Press GIS books and consultancy counter attended by our professional staff were available throughout the day. In the event, our new incubation program, IncuBAY which is established to incubate fresh partners and facilitate R&D and application development in the area of GIS was also open to the visitors. Our new office at Cyberport is featured by hi-tech facilities such as wireless training centre; multimedia conference room; interactive demo stations as well as GIS library.

ESRI China (HK) is the international office of ESRI for the region. ESRI China (HK) aims to bring state-of-the-art GIS and mapping software technology of ESRI to the local community. The professionals of ESRI China (HK) commit to delivering the highest quality of services in sale; technical support, training; professional service and maintenance support with regard to ESRI and other GIS related software. ESRI China (HK) was awarded ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate as a recognition of the full commitment to the continuous improvement of services.