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ESRI China (Hong Kong) builds mapping web site for SARS

The global outbreak of the deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) calls upon international response in any measures to prevent further spread. Professionals of ESRI China (Hong Kong) contribute their expertise in GIS to increase global awareness of the current situation of the disease by building SARS mapping web site which disseminates the latest geographic distribution information on the infected areas and people in Hong Kong and worldwide.
Based on the data from the Department of Health (DOH) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administration Region, the Hong Kong SARS map shows the distribution of:
· buildings with infected residents in the 18 districts of Hong Kong;
· individual buildings with infected residents;
· newly additional buildings with infected residents starting from yesterday; and
· buildings with infected residents before and removed from the list of DOH now
Besides the common map navigation functions, our SARS mapping web site also offers the following functions for the visualization of the proximity of individual buildings with infected residents to the home buildings of the users:
· measuring distance between any two buildings; and
· showing 50m and 100m areas of a building with infected residents
The world SARS map shows all countries in a global map with their number of infected people which keeps travellers informed and helps them plan their trips.