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ESRI Chile established to expand growth of GIS in region

Redlands, California, 18 August 2006 – ESRI has announced that INCOM, its GIS software distributor in Chile for more than 17 years, has transitioned to ESRI Chile to provide superior customer support and service as well as help expand the growth of GIS throughout the area. The company plans to strengthen its presence in existing markets, including government, mining, utilities, forestry, and education, and expand into other areas such as business, logistics, transportation, and infrastructure.

According to Jack Dangermond, ESRI president, “The ESRI designation provides recognition to a select group of our established international distributors, allowing them to better serve their existing customer base with corporate support and confidently expand the use of GIS in the country.”

As one of ESRI’s first distributors in South America, INCOM pioneered the use of GIS in the region and developed an excellent relationship with its customer base during its 17 years as an ESRI distributor.

“The establishment of ESRI Chile is a major milestone for our company,” declares Merrill Lyew, ESRI’s Regional Manager for Latin America. “It allows us to significantly strengthen our presence in both Chile and the region. This will facilitate an even greater understanding of our customers’ needs in this area, allowing us to better serve them.”

Alejandro San Martin, General Manager of ESRI Chile, says, “ESRI Chile’s designation is a milestone in the history of the GIS market in Chile, setting high expectations for our users and customers as well as for our growth as a local company. On the other side, to report directly to such an important company like ESRI gives us the freedom to work as a team and to align ourselves toward its objectives, its mission, and its vision, which go accordingly with today’s world. This is a big step, which will benefit our relationships with our users, and we are confident we will fulfill those expectations; this is a strong motivation for all of the team here in Chile.”

ESRI Chile’s mission is to promote the continuous use of ESRI’s GIS software for the analysis and processing of any geographic or territorial data in a personal work environment (desktop) or distributed by a network (client/server) or through a mobile device (field).