ESRI Canada’s Award of Excellence recognizes NCC

ESRI Canada’s Award of Excellence recognizes NCC


Canada – The National Capital Commission (NCC) of Ottawa was recognized with an Award of Excellence at ESRI Canada’s Regional User Conference in Ottawa earlier this week. John Houweling, Ontario Regional Manager for ESRI Canada, presented the award to acknowledge the NCC’s enterprise approach to GIS, and their sophisticated integration of the technology throughout the entire organization.

“NCC has seamlessly moved from a project-based implementation of GIS to an enterprise system that serves multiple departments across their organization,” explains John Houweling, Ontario Regional Manger for ESRI Canada. “Through this tight integration of GIS, the NCC has realized countless improvements to operational efficiencies, and it is an honour to congratulate them on their success.”

The NCC is a Crown Corporation that serves as a steward of federal lands and buildings in our nation’s capital, with a mission to build the region into a source of pride and unity for Canadians. They own almost 10% of the national capital region and are responsible for the care and maintenance of a varied collection of properties. The persistent efforts of the NCC coupled with the dedication of planners and landscape architects have created a capital region that is replete with unspoiled shorelines, scenic parkways, preserved heritage and expansive parks.

Through a variety of ESRI products, GIS has become a key tool that is leveraged throughout the organization. Using ArcIMS, NCC built a dynamic, multi-functional web application that greatly enhances data sharing, efficiencies and cross-departmental communication. One of the key functions of the application is to facilitate the maintenance of their vast array of assets including Crown properties, Crown land, cultural resources and national festivals.

ArcGIS Desktop was used to generate a customized map book that is included in Request for Proposals and helps bidders decide on the projects that they’d like to compete for. The NCC also relies on GIS technology for countless other functions such as city planning and zoning, maintaining recreational paths and trails, conservation of local parks and parkways, and marketing major events such as Bluesfest and Canada Day. Additionally, Biologists who conduct research studies on the natural resources within the region, use ArcGIS to analyze and integrate their data findings.

“By moving from a desktop to a server environment, we are now able to serve more than 250 users throughout our organization” explains Don Elson, Senior GIS Analyst for NCC. “GIS plays a key role in the daily operations of all of our departments, helping us to effectively design, build, maintain and preserve our assets and engage in future planning.”

Looking forward, the National Capital Commission plans to leverage ArcGIS Server to develop an external website that will allow residents of the nation’s capital to access information on their community such as recreational paths and trails and historical sites in the surrounding region.