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ESRI Canada to resell DigitalGlobe Earth imagery

Toronto, Canada: ESRI Canada signed an agreement to resell high-resolution earth imagery solutions from DigitalGlobe. The partnership enables users of ESRI’s GIS technology to access the most current and comprehensive library of earth images and data available to enhance their applications.

“Whether you are developing Web maps of neighbourhoods, real estate properties, city services or news events, adding aerial and satellite imagery to your applications provides users with an accurate view of the world. This enhances situational awareness and allows you to deliver a richer online experience,” said Alex Miller, president, ESRI Canada. “Through this partnership, we will be able to provide our customers with quick and easy access to the imagery and data they need to produce effective applications. This will allow them to move beyond simple image overlays to more advanced image processing, analysis and publishing, and ultimately get the most out of their GIS.”

DigitalGlobe Vice President David Singer said, “As a reseller of DigitalGlobe imagery, ESRI Canada can now provide an integrated solution and the best imagery-enhanced products to enterprise customers across the mining, oil and gas, natural resources, utilities, telecommunications, entertainment, real estate and insurance industries.”

Source: ESRI Canada