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ESRI Canada to provide consulting services in China

Canada: Shaanxi Institute of Surveying and Mapping of Land (SISML) and ESRI Canada have won a bid to provide consulting services on the application of GIS technology to support China’s Sichuan Urban Development Project.  Funded through a loan from the World Bank, the project will support institutional development and capacity building for the municipalities of Panzhihua and Yibin. The companies will assist the cities in the development of GIS-based information management systems to enhance municipal operations including urban planning and emergency management.  The project is expected to be completed by October 2011.

“We are committed to leveraging advanced technology to support the growth of our cities,” said Shi Yi, Vice Director, Sichuan Urban Environment Project Management Office.  “GIS will help us to effectively use municipal information to improve our operations, forecast future community needs and plan accordingly to enhance the quality of life for our citizens.”

“Municipalities worldwide rely on GIS to help them identify and address problems, capitalise on opportunities, manage resources and communicate effectively with the public,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada.  “GIS will provide the cities of Panzhihua and Yibin with a solid foundation for efficient operations and enable them to do more with less.”

Municipalities, both large and small, need to manage vast amounts of location-based data including information on land use, zoning, civic addresses and transportation and utility networks.  Using GIS, they can integrate geographic information from various sources and in different formats into the system and display the data using digital maps. It helps planners and stakeholders perform comprehensive and in-depth analyses, increase collaboration and make informed decisions in designing and planning their communities.

Fuliang Zhang, Vice Dean, SISML, said, “ESRI Canada’s international expertise, combined with our strength in mapping and surveying, will help us design a scalable system that can support the needs of the cities of Panzhihua and Yibin now and in the future.”

Source: ESRI Canada