ESRI Canada announces partnership with Latitude Geographics

ESRI Canada announces partnership with Latitude Geographics


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 23 November 2006 – ESRI Canada and Latitude Geographics announced a partnership where ESRI Canada will provide Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex Uptime and Statistics products, as a part of its internet map solutions for Canadian organizations.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that exist between ESRI Canada and Latitude Geographics,” said Alex Miller, President of ESRI Canada. “The Geocortex management software provides organizations with tools to enhance their ArcIMS applications and access additional information on how their ArcIMS applications are being used.”

Geocortex Uptime and Geocortex Statistics were developed by Latitude Geographics, an ESRI Canada Business Partner, as part of their Geocortex Internet Mapping suite of solutions. With the functionality available in ArcIMS these products ensure maximum website availability, generate valuable site feedback, and additional statistics to improve performance.

Geocortex Uptime features capabilities that provide day-to-day ArcIMS architecture management. In addition to constantly monitoring ArcIMS sites, it can be configured to take various levels of action if it detects a service interruption. Geocortex Statistics is a comprehensive statistics package that delivers detailed insight about ArcIMS site performance and usage. “This partnership helps us bring our tools for ArcIMS to website managers across the country,” said Steven Myhill-Jones, President and CEO of Latitude Geographics.

– About Latitude Geographics
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd., through its Geocortex Internet Mapping division, is in the business of web-based geography. Specialists in market-leading ESRI web-GIS technology since 1999, Latitude Geographics simplifies ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server deployment by providing software and services that eliminate inefficiencies in the process of building and maintaining web-based GIS applications. For more information about Latitude Geographics, visit