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ESRI Canada and International Systemap Corporation announce distribution agreement for PurVIEW

Toronto, Canada, 25 April 2007: ESRI Canada announced a distribution agreement with I.S.M. to resell PurVIEW, a 3D Geodatabase Mapping Extension for ArcGIS 9.x. PurVIEW provides ESRI GIS users with a solution to quickly transform ArcGIS Desktop into a precise stereo viewing and accurate 3D feature digitizing environment.

PurVIEW is a photogrammetric solution that is inherently useful in any thematic application including environmental assessment, geology, and urban engineering. With digitized features stereo-superimposed on the original mapping image model, geodatabse quality assurance is immediate
and unambiguous. Within the ArcMap window, geodatabase contents can be directly accessed and reviewed superimposed on standard georeferenced three dimensional image models, revealing errors and omissions, or natural changes.

“We are pleased to announce a distribution agreement with I.S.M.,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. “This agreement with allow ESRI Canada to provide our customers with a remarkable extension for ArcGIS that will give them the ability to quickly view and edit digital imagery data in stereo.”

“I.S.M. is very pleased to be strengthening our relationship with ESRI Canada,” said Patrick Wong, Director I.S.M., “We see enormous synergies between I.S.M. and ESRI Canada. This agreement allows us to leverage the superior service and delivery of GIS solutions offered by ESRI Canada, giving us the opportunity to reach a greater number of customers and expand our leadership position in the photogrammetric mapping industry.”

I.S.M. is known for its background in photogrammetric workstation implementation. The PurVIEW product suite was engineered from the ground up as an extension for ArcGIS 9.x. For more information about PurVIEW, visit www.mypurview.com