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ESRI Business Partner Award Recipients – Canadian Award Winners

Toronto, ON – ESRI Canada is pleased to announce that the following Canadian business partners, Ventyx, Earth-to-Map GIS Inc., and R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited, received awards from ESRI Inc. on March 16th at the 2008 ESRI Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California. Awards were presented to business partners recognizing their important contribution to the success of the ESRI Business Partner Program.

Ventyx – Foundation Partner of the Year
“This award recognizes a partner who has effectively established and maintained a very strong and dependable relationship with ESRI Canada,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. “Over the past several years, the company now known as Ventyx has been dedicated to the advancement of mobile workforce management solutions. Their enterprise workforce management solutions have greatly assisted a number of asset-intensive organizations the world over in deploying successful mobile workforce solutions.”

Ventyx is a leading business solutions provider, delivering asset management, mobile workforce management, customer care, energy trading and risk management, energy operations, and energy analytics solutions to more than 900 energy, utility and communications customers, as well as to asset-intensive customers in selected commercial markets. With approximately 1,200 employees in more than 20 locations worldwide, Ventyx delivers best-of-breed business solutions that maximize operational and financial performance, backed by the industry’s deepest available industry-specific domain expertise. For more information visit: https://www1.ventyx.com

Earth-to-Map GIS Inc. – Partner of the Year
“We would like to congratulate Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. on winning this award and to thank them for their dedication to the ESRI Business Partner Program,” said Mr. John Houweling, Regional Manager, Ontario, ESRI Canada. “They have demonstrated their geocoding capabilities quite effectively and extended the reach of ESRI software into demographics and health industry verticals.”

Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. was instrumental in the implementation of ESRI GIS technology for the National Geographic Database at Elections Canada as well as the development of the partnership between Elections Canada and Statistics Canada for the on-going maintenance of the shared GIS database. This involvement with Elections Canada was critical with the migration of Bentley Microstation platform to ESRI software. In 1993 there were 2 licenses of ArcInfo not used, in 2002 there were upward of 30 ArcInfo licenses, ArcSDE, and ArcIMS implemented as well as one of the largest deployment of Maplex product in North America.

Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. focuses on the provision of consulting services to GIS and Remote Sensing users, the conversion and conditioning of digital data (vector, raster, and GPS), the creation and maintenance of spatial databases, the creation and integration of GIS and Remote Sensing applications, the provision of traditional mapping, and the fulfillment of the training needs of the GIS and Remote Sensing community. For more information visit: https://www.e2mgis.com

R.J. Burnside and Associates Limited – Partner of the Year
“We are pleased that R. J. Burnside has chosen the ESRI technology platform to meet the needs of their customers,” said Mr. John Houweling, Regional Manager, Ontario, ESRI Canada. “Their successes in delivering comprehensive solutions that leverage ESRI technology have made them a valuable Business Partner.”

The company has been developing solutions for municipalities using ESRI technology since 1996 and has developed ESRI centric software solutions such as, Burnside GIS Tools, Land Use Module, Notification Module, Roads Asset Management System, and Enquiries and Complaints Management System. These modules help small to medium-sized municipalities manage legislation, transportation, and other important aspects of their day-to-day operations. These modules were developed to assist municipal staff to become more effective and efficient without specialized GIS training.

R.J. Burnside offers engineering and science-based solutions to clients in Canada and overseas. Their team of over 250 structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, environmental scientists and planners, and administrative staff are dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs in water resource management, solid waste management, GIS applications, infrastructure assessment and development, and resort and recreation development. For more information visit: https://www.rjburnside.com