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ESRI BIS to use Acxiom’s household-level data

ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS), announced that it will use Acxiom Corporation’s aggregated household-level data in ‘Community’ – a neighborhood consumer segmentation system. The Community segmentation system is being built on ACORN, and will map to the household level. Acxiom’s contributions will allow to provide the clients with a variety of segmentation options, including a reliable ZIP+4 segmentation tool, allowing them to target their customers geographically, all the way down to the household level. Clients in all industries, public and private agencies, universities, and nonprofit organizations can use Community segmentation data to –

  • Accurately profile current and prospective customers, members, or constituents.
  • Reveal untapped potential in existing markets.
  • Tailor marketing campaigns and merchandise mix to consumer markets.
  • Define markets for expansion efforts.