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Esri Australia to provide broader access to census data

Australia: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) signed a three year Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) with Esri Australia. Under this agreement, Esri Australia will provide broader access to census data to thousands of Australian organisations. The ELA will assist the ABS in improving service delivery of its census material by leveraging Esri Australia’s mapping software, data, web services and documentation.

Esri Australia Business Manager Craig Sandy said the agreement will allow business, government and not-for-profit organisations to better access, identify and interpret community demographics than ever before. “GIS technology literally maps the geographic elements in information and exposes patterns and relationships that may otherwise be hidden in a maze of numeric tables,” Sandy said.

“This landmark ELA will combine the world’s best GIS technology with Australia’s primary and most authoritative source of demographic data. It will enable individuals and organisations in the public and private sectors to make more informed decisions on operational, policy and planning issues that impact on the lives of all Australians.”

“Businesses will be able to better target customers, governments will have greater insight into school, hospital and roads funding provision, and community service organisations will be able to more accurately identify areas most in need.”

The ELA gives the ABS unlimited access to Esri Australia licences, enabling the nation’s statistical body to use the technology to reach as many individuals and organisations as needed.

Source: Esri Australia