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Esri Australia, SSSI team up to expand Australia market

Wellington, New Zealand: Esri Australia and the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) announced their alliance at the International Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference (SSSC) in Wellington, New Zealand. According to a press statement by Esri Australia, the partnership aims to expand spatial technology market in Australia which is at present worth USD 2.1 billion.

The alliance is expected to drive new training and educational opportunities in the local market, and see the production of joint industry reports and in-depth analysis of challenges facing the spatial industry.

SSSI CEO Roger Buckley said that the partnership was the first of its kind entered into by the peak industry body, whose membership includes hundreds of Australia’s leading spatial technology professionals.  “This is a unique case of two market leaders sharing data, expertise and market intel to champion geospatial technology,” Buckley observed.

The move follows a record year of growth for the spatial industry, which saw GIS technology play a vital role in emergency response during the Queensland flood and cyclone disasters; underpin think tank forums for the Committee for Economic Development (CEDA); and expand its footprint in sectors such as insurance, utilities, mining and resources.

Esri Australia Managing Director Brett Bundock said together the spatial industry mainstays would facilitate a series of strategic round table discussions with business leaders from sectors where GIS is not yet established. “Our goal here is to pave the way for an expansion and use of the science into non-traditional markets,” Bundock said.

“Following the public role of GIS during this year’s flood crisis in Queensland, a number of sectors are now looking with great interest to how the technology can strengthen their decision-making. Esri Australia has been a member of the spatial industry for over 34 years – this partnership with SSSI gives us the opportunity to drive the sector forward, taking with us a membership base that has also contributed significantly to the industry’s success.”

“We are bringing together the Australian spatial industry’s chief thought leaders to not only determine ways we can foster growth in traditional markets – but also how we can continue to forge a strong position for the technology in emerging sectors, like agribusiness, health and engineering,” Bundock added.

“GIS is a game-changing technology – in any industry – and through research, round-table discussions and promotional forums, we intend to build a deeper understanding of that potential across the broader Australian business community,” Bundock continued.

Source: Esri Australia