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Esri Australia announces key feature of Dekho 3.1

Australia: Ahead of its release in the coming months, Esri Australia has announced that its highly anticipated Dekho 3.1 can consume and utilise MDS Foundation Maps. The new-look Dekho is the result of an exclusive partnership between Esri Australia and MDS.

Esri Australia’s Executive Manager of Business Development and Client Services, Peter Loughrey, said that the unique capability was designed to improve the user experience and assist in the creation of superior online maps.

Dekho 3.1 represents a major investment by Esri Australia to make Dekho a world class solution for geographic web applications. The move is likely to benefit both the software clientsand the data clients.

“It allows clients to focus on their operational data and have the base map as part of the product we deliver,” said Dekho Product Manager, Ayal Steiner. “We have been working for almost six months on this release, focusing on rich user experience, simplifying integration and application maturity. This release of Dekho will also be the first time we support ArcGIS 10, which is a major leap forward for Dekho.”

Source: Esri Australia