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ESRI announces support for the Microsoft Tablet PC

ESRI has announced support for the Microsoft Tablet PC, the next-generation mobile PC. Working closely with Microsoft, ESRI is adding Tablet PC as a supported platform for its ArcGIS family of software. This will include ESRI’s soon to be released ArcReader software and popular ArcInfo, ArcView, and ArcEditor software. This means that users will get the most powerful geographic information system (GIS) software that will run using Windows XP software on one of the most versatile and mobile PCs.

Users in a number of markets will benefit from a Tablet PC running ESRI ArcGIS software including electric and gas utilities; telecommunications; local, state, and federal government; homeland defense; agriculture; retail; health care; and much more. ArcGIS is based on open industry standards. Running on the Tablet PC, it fully integrates into an organization’s overall information technology infrastructure.

The Tablet PC runs the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and offers all the capabilities of today’s business laptops, including attached or detachable keyboards and the ability to run Windows-based applications, and adds pen and speech capabilities to the PC, which allow knowledge workers to use the PC more often and in new ways. Tablet PCs will be available from leading computer makers in the second half of 2002.