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ESRI announces plans to integrate NG Spatial with ArcGIS product line

ESRI has announced plans to integrate Netgraph’s NG Spatial with its ArcGIS product line. NG Spatial automates schematic and geoschematic graphical representations of ArcGIS geodatabases. For electric, gas, telecommunications, and virtually any other linear network, integration of NG Spatial will provide an advanced solution for network management and visualization within the ArcGIS platform.

Netgraph’s schematic generation products were recently sold to ESRI CartoNet, an affiliate of ESRI. ESRI CartoNet will continue development of advanced schematic solutions for industries such as telecommunications, transportation, electric and gas utilities, and more.

NG Spatial complements ArcGIS and provides users with the power to operate, manage, and view any network in a wide variety of geographic and schematic representations. NG Spatial manages all types of graphic representations: geographic, geoschematic, and schematic (diagrams, trees, matrixes, etc.).

Its graphic manipulation and network formatting capabilities, combined with advanced cartographic tools, provide businesses with a robust solution. With NG Spatial tightly integrated within the geodatabase, users can benefit with no constraints on network modeling. Users can take advantage of a number of functions to manipulate network objects: horizontal or vertical alignment of nodes, modification of symbol and text sizes, intelligent subnetwork movement, and more. In addition, users can easily adapt their own data models and automatically generate schematic representations created and managed within ArcGIS.