Home News ESRI announces availability of MultiSpeak-Standard Data Model for smaller utilities

ESRI announces availability of MultiSpeak-Standard Data Model for smaller utilities

ESRI has announced the availability of the MultiSpeak-Standard Data Model for electric utilities The MultiSpeak data model for ESRI’s ArcGIS software is the result of a partnership with Power Delivery Associates (PDA).

The MultiSpeak standard, which is championed by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), will increase the ease of use by which different utility-oriented software packages can be integrated, which will, in turn, provide significant savings in the cost of implementation and integration.

MultiSpeak currently covers data exchange between any two software packages for five primary back office applications: customer information system (CIS), engineering analysis (EA), geographic information system (GIS), interactive voice response (IVR) system, and automated staking. PDA’s Origin GIS application can be used immediately with the model to implement a MultiSpeak-based solution.

Utilities that use the MultiSpeak data and interface standard will have many benefits. Users will be able to foster the development of software that can be integrated without the need for custom interfaces. This will reduce the cost of interoperable software. The standards will enable a utility to choose the software that best fits its needs without restricting its choice to only a single vendor’s products. Using MultiSpeak standards can improve staff efficiency by reducing the time spent entering information into multiple programs. By minimizing staff time spent to manage the details of software, staff members can return to concentrating on the tasks that they were originally hired to do. Finally, MultiSpeak will increase the likelihood of success when implementing new technologies.