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ESRI announces ArcWeb Services 2006

ESRI recently announced that ArcWeb Services 2006 is now available. ArcWeb Services 2006 further extends on-demand mapping and GIS capabilities for web developers. ArcWeb Services allow developers to integrate mapping and spatial functionality into any web-based application. Highlights of ArcWeb Services 2006 include new developer APIs in addition to a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API. ArcWeb Services 2006 includes a REST API for creating maps using simple URL requests, OpenLS, and a Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit for rapid development of wireless applications. For custom map and spatial query services, developers can upload their own point, line, and polygon data. End users can then perform custom rendering and spatial queries.

Through partnerships with Sprint and Bell Mobility, the ArcWeb services 2006 mobile location service enables subscribing companies to build LBS applications for tracking their non GPS and GPS-enabled cellular phones and send SMS messages. Developers can now build applications that route around traffic obstacles as well as optimize the order of the route stop midpoints. A new web site is available to help ArcWeb Services 2006 subscribers create, customize, and administer services. Significant enhancements were also made to the ArcWeb Services 2006 map image service. In addition to providing all the standard static graphical file formats, ArcWeb Services 2006 now includes Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Adobe Flash (SWF) mapping file formats. Web developers can use SVG or SWF to directly access vector mapping data for building rich Web 2.0 internet applications.