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ESRI announces ArcGIS pipeline data model

ESRI has announced the availability of the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model, jointly developed by M.J. Harden Associates, and ESRI. The model is a first step toward broad industry consensus on a common conceptual data model for the pipeline industry.

Because data modeling represents a common, expensive part of every geographic information system (GIS) implementation, ESRI makes these models available to help lower the cost of implementing enterprisewide GIS technology and to jump-start projects with a standard, flexible model.

The development utilized existing published pipeline data models and expanded to accommodate key pipeline issues for both gas and liquid pipelines, principally pipeline integrity. Both a conceptual (analysis diagram) and logical (computer automated systems engineering tool unified modeling language representation) data model has been developed. These models are based on the original ISAT design but have been modified to support and utilize the latest ESRI technology. The ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model allows users to create a geodatabase designed for the purpose of modeling a real-world oil, gas, or liquids transmission pipeline.