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ESRI announces acquisition of CACI’s U.S. Marketing Systems Group

ESRI is pleased to announce the acquisition of CACI’s U.S.-based Marketing Systems Group, a business unit of CACI International Inc. This acquisition involves the creation of the ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS) group and the purchase of software, data assets, and methodologies.

The new ESRI unit will retain all of the CACI Marketing Systems Group staff and will serve existing CACI customers in addition to new customers. The companies have also agreed on a joint partnership to pursue future business opportunities.

ESRI BIS will be focused on serving ESRI’s private sector and business customers, which include retail, financial, insurance, health care, telecommunications, energy, petroleum, and more.

ESRI BIS will continue to provide the demographic data, segmentation, desktop software, and modeling and analysis products and services that have distinguished the CACI operation for the past 35 years, without disruption. ESRI BIS will work closely with ESRI’s software products organization to build solutions including extending ArcView Business Analyst.

The CACI Marketing Systems operation has, for the past year, been working closely with ESRI on the next generation of ArcView Business Analyst as well as Web services for business information. ESRI will not only continue supporting CACI customers but will also introduce additional options for both delivery of information (i.e., the Internet) and more enhanced business analysis and capabilities.