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ESRI and GDT partner to provide web services

Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of premier map databases, announced a partnership with ESRI, a provider of GIS software, to provide a suite of Internet-based services through ESRI’s ArcWebSM Services. ArcWeb Services are composed of spatial data and GIS functionality delivered over the Internet. These applications can be delivered to custom Web applications via ESRI’s ArcWeb for Developers or to the ArcGIS Desktop. ArcWeb for Developers combines GDT’s DynamapĂ’/2000 and Dynamap/Transportation street and address database with ESRI software and tools to provide map display, vehicle routing, location finder services, and demographic reports to developers and customers who want to add a spatial component to Web sites without significant investment of resources or infrastructure. Compiled from a vast network of sources, GDT’s Dynamap products provide complete and current street and address coverage, superior geocoding performance, and attractive map display for Web-based data needs. Dynamap/Transportation includes highly accurate one-way and restricted turn information, accurate representation of limited access highways, preferred routing names, and exit point layers to offer superb performance within routing applications. Through ArcWeb for Developers, users can integrate geocoding, mapping, routing, query, and other GIS functions into applications without hosting the data or developing GIS applications, resulting in significant savings of development time, expense, and computer resources. ArcWeb for Developers uses XML-based Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to communicate, making it compatible with most Web service toolkits. ESRI also offers an individual ArcWeb Service that allows ArcGIS Desktop users to subscribe to GDT Dynamap/2000 data. Through this service, users of ESRI’s ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo can incorporate GDT data into their desktop projects without having to host or maintain the data themselves. ArcWeb Services built with Dynamap/2000 and Dynamap/Transportation will be included in the ArcWeb USA bundle of ArcWeb Services that will become available to ArcGIS Desktop users later this summer.The superior geocoding and routing detail contained in GDT’s data provide a solid foundation for the many services users can access through ArcWeb Services. This robust data and software combination allows users to add a spatial component to web sites at a fraction of the cost of developing an in-house solution.