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Esri acquires LBS firm Geoloqi

Redlands, US: Esri has announced that Geoloqi, a powerful platform for next-generation location-based services, will be merging with it to form the Esri R&D Center — Portland. The first new product offering will be a geocoding enhancement to the Geoloqi API that gives three new capabilities to developers: the ability to create triggers based on physical addresses rather than map coordinates, reverse geocoding and a MapKit alternative for iOS developers based on Esri maps. The flexible, developer-focused nature of Geoloqi, combined with Esri”s strong foothold in the industry, will fulfil the growing needs of a field increasingly reliant on mobile technology.

Geoloqi”s powerful developer platform for mobile applications, combined with ArcGIS, Esri”s complete and scalable system for mapping and spatial analysis, will create more powerful geolocation and mapping tools for the development of web and mobile applications. The new technology stack will bring the strengths of ArcGIS to a wider audience without interrupting Geoloqi”s current product offering or services, giving developers the best of both worlds for the first time.

“We chose Geoloqi because its technology is a perfect fit with the Esri tool stack,” said Jack Dangermond, President, Esri. “Geoloqi”s deep location capabilities and relationships with the developer community will allow us to develop more dynamic mobile and web applications for independent developers and large-scale enterprises alike. It”s a truly symbiotic union of teams and technology,” he added.

“This is a big deal for the location industry,” said Geoloqi CEO Amber Case, who will become the director of the Esri R&D Center — Portland. “Not only will developers and enterprises have greater access to tools and capabilities, but we will be able to support larger markets than before and work very hard on providing the best experience for developers. With this merger, we get to build long-term value and solve real-world problems across many industries,” she added.

Geoloqi is the first platform that enables rapid development of cross-platform, geography-based applications using a single API in any development language. It also provides specialised algorithms that help preserve battery life while location searches run in the background.

Source: Esri