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eSpatial announces launch of iSMART 5.1

Dublin, Ireland, 18 July 2006: eSpatial, an Enterprise Geospatial software and technology company, announced the latest version of its geospatial iSMART product suite, iSMART 5.1. iSMART 5.1 provides new features including advanced metadata management, further Oracle integration, and increased use of Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX and the enhancement of the iSMART GeoPortal and development environment to match emerging web mapping interface standards from companies such as Google and Microsoft.

A key updated feature in iSMART 5.1 is the treatment of Metadata: iSMART 5.1 can easily Configure, Enter, View and Search metadata; this capability enables iSMART users to easily find useful spatial data sets and add them into maps for viewing, editing, and analysing across an organisation or the internet. This is also an essential capability for Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and complies with industry metadata standards such as ISO 19115 and ISO 15836 (“Dublin Core”)

iSMART 5.1 provides even deeper support for Oracle functionality, including integration with Oracle 10g Mapviewer. This facility enables use of this Oracle application server component for visualising spatial data. It allows data rendered by Mapviewer to be combined with other data managed by iSMART such as from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services, live / tracking data feeds, image stores, and custom data sources, for display, analysis and editing, and provides iSMART’s “out of the box” powerful end user tools for data management, visualisation (GeoPortal), and Editing to Oracle Mapviewer. It also increases the range of data types that may be viewed using iSMART tools and custom applications (including 10g GeoRaster GRID, and Network Data).