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eSpatial Announces Deployment of Major European Web based Agricultural & Land Management Systems

April 8, 2008, CAPIGI Conference, Dublin, Ireland – eSpatial, a global enterprise geospatial software and technology company today announced that through Portuguese Partner, Novageo, two major new web based applications have been successfully deployed for vineyard grant claim management in Portugal and for real estate management in Madeira.

“SIvv” is a wine & vineyard information system for the Portuguese Wine and Vineyard Institute (IVV), part of the Ministry of Agriculture; “SIPnet Platform” is an advanced tool to manage and share the real estate information owned by the Direcção Regional de Geografia e Cadastro from the Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal.

SIvv, whose geospatial components were developed by Novageo, on top of eSpatial’s iSMART, streamlines IVV’s vineyard management business with an organization-wide system for the capture, maintenance and analysis of its spatial and business data. The system provides a fully-integrated, complete database for all vineyard information in Portugal and closely integrates business processes facilitating comprehensive analysis of data.

Farmers can view their vineyard parcels and submit applications online as well as print information about their holdings. There is also an online editing component designed for use by IVV staff to allow full digitizing of vineyard parcels. It also allows for maintenance and analysis of all related information. There is offline editing functionality for inspectors to verify what exists in the field is consistent with what exists on the system, and make amendments accordingly.
The SIPnet platform, also developed by Novageo on top of eSpatial’s iSMART, is an advanced tool to manage and share the real estate information in the Madeira Autonomous Region of Portugal. SIPnet gives a substantial contribution to the information society, enabling a broader and richer interaction between the Citizens and the Government. The system uses iSMART to facilitate advanced Web editing of the geographic information. It uses Oracle database & application servers leveraging industry-leading scalability, availability, manageability and security.

The system is divided in two main areas: The front-office used by the landlords to view their real estate and the back-office used by the government entities to view and edit all the real estate information. Each operation is automatically validated according to the Portuguese Law.

eSpatial’s iSMART product supports a number of deployment models which include Pure Web and Customized Client within a scalable, role-based and secure environment. The architectural features delivered with iSMART address standard IT requirements for the deployment of enterprise business applications. iSMART provides an ideal enterprise grade hosted services delivery platform for geospatial applications. Delivered applications and services can also be provided to conform with the Open Geo Spatial Consortium (OGC) Web Services standards.

Rui Andrade, CEO, Novageo Solutions said, “The platform was developed by Novageo Solutions using cutting edge technology made available to us by eSpatial, We’re delighted to deliver iSMART-based solutions to our customers that are rapidly developed, cost effective, easy to deploy and manage and can integrate within existing line of business systems”.

Philip O’Doherty, CEO, eSpatial said, “eSpatial has a strong presence in Government and private sector markets throughout the Europe and the US, we’re excited about these new deployments and look forward to increasing our footprint in this market. eSpatial is committed to delivering solutions with important major advantages such as compliance with EU regulations regarding payment of agricultural grants”.