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eSpatial and TerraNor announce agreement to deliver iSMART products and applications in Nordic countries

Dublin, Ireland, 24 October 2006 – eSpatial, a leading Enterprise Geospatial software and technology company and TerraNor, Norway-based company providing software for GIS, remote sensing and digital mapping, today announced the signing of a new Reseller Agreement. Under the agreement TerraNor will act as a reseller for iSMART5, eSpatial’s geospatial platform for development of integrated, enterprise grade spatially enabled applications.

TerraNor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the partnership for the expansion of the iSMART suite of products. Since 1989, TerraNor has delivered systems to a number of government-mapping agencies in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland) and continues to be an important player in GIS for the Natural Resources sector.

eSpatial’s iSMART product supports a number of deployment models, which include Pure Web and Customized Client within a scalable, role-based and secure environment. The architectural features delivered with iSMART address standard IT requirements for the deployment of enterprise business applications. iSMART provides an ideal enterprise grade hosted services delivery platform for geospatial applications. Delivered applications and services can also be provided to conform with the Open Geo Spatial Consortium (OGC) Web Services standards.

– About eSpatial
eSpatial, founded in Dublin, Ireland and with offices in the USA, is dealing in enterprise strength spatial information management technology. Its advanced spatial environment, iSMART, in conjunction with Oracle Spatial, provides a platform for scalable and secure spatially enabled applications in a standard enterprise IT environment with manageability and support for OGC Web Services.

Its standards based Rapid Application Development environment and GeoPortal allows organizations to quickly and easily build new applications (or extend existing ones) to include spatial functionality. These applications provide spatial intelligence to anyone, anywhere, on any device, connected or disconnected. eSpatial’s technology is used in every area of IT including Public Sector, Defense, Telecommunications and Utility organizations.

– About iSMART
iSMART is eSpatial’s advanced GeoSpatial platform for the delivery of sophisticated web applications. It combines ease of delivery for enterprise class systems. iSMART provides four main components:
– An Out-of-the-Box GeoPortal for publication of maps on an Intranet or the public Internet within hours.
– A Web-based Spatial Data Management and Map Configuration Tool giving you control over your spatial data through an easy to manage GUI. It is fully compliant with relevant OGC standards.
– An Advanced GIS Editor, which can be integrated into web-based applications or used disconnected from a central database.
– A Development Environment for bespoke applications that need to integrate sophisticated spatial functions and deliver these across the Web.

Built on top of the industry standard Oracle 10 g platform, iSMART is implemented using standard enterprise technologies. As well as making it easier to integrate spatial intelligence in line-of-business applications, iSMART provides unparalleled enterprise capabilities including security, performance, and scalability.