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ESEA introduces MapMerger Detective

Los Altos, CA, United States, 02/12/2009 – ESEA, the company in map conflation software for the ArcGIS platform, announced the introduction of MapMerger Detective, a tool developed to enable organizations to manage the process of integrating data updates into their existing GIS database.

The tool detects, highlights, and allows the user to resolve differences between their existing data and the map update in a logical, simple, and automated manner that streamlines the data maintenance process.

Governments, utilities, and corporations that modify their existing datasets to ensure accuracy will benefit from MapMerger Detective’s ability to automatically compare and synchronize their existing datasets with the new data updates received from their map supplier. MapMerger Detective will find and identify map elements that have changed their geometry or attribution.

MapMerger Detective operates as an ESRI ArcMap extension. It supports point, line, and polygon vector data and will operate with SDE enterprise databases as well as shapefiles and personal geodatabases.