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ESA seeks host for symposium on space educational activities

France: ESA is searching for a university to host the second symposium on Space Educational Activities. The symposium will be held in 2018 and is expected to attract at least 200 students, educators and professors from across Europe.

Hands-on activities, specialised training and learning opportunities can play a very important role in the preparation of the next generation of space scientists and engineers. Such educational opportunities augment the traditional academic courses that these students undertake.

The symposium on space related educational activities will be a forum that enables participants to share their experience and knowledge in this special field of space programmes created for, and conducted by, students.

This second symposium follows the success of the first, which was hosted by the Center of Studies and Activities for Space CISAS “Giuseppe Colombo” of the University of Padova in December 2015 (https://ssasymposium.org/).

During the four-day event, participants spoke or presented posters about their original research. An exhibition area displayed experiments from past and on-going projects, as well as products and capabilities of the space industry.

It is now time to revisit these topics.  Hence, the ESA Education Office is searching for an organisation to host the 2nd Symposium on Space Educational Activities. The symposium will be held in early in 2018, the final date and schedule is to be discussed with the selected hosting organisation.

The hosting organisation should be an Institute of Higher Education (i.e. a University), located in an ESA Member, Associate or Cooperating State.

It is expected that many of the attendees will have participated in ESA Education’s hands-on or training and learning sessions. Other attendees may have participated in external international and national programmes. All will have valuable experiences to share.

To apply potential hosting organisations should complete the online form, including their explanation of their proposed venue, organisation, social event(s), schedule, budget and experience. 

Applications should be received by May 15th, 2017.

The ESA Education Office will support the hosting organisation with a subsidy of €10,000, plus support with the organisation and technical conference committees.