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ESA satellite monitors Australian bushfires

This 300 m-resolution false-colour image, acquired on 7 January, shows smoke extending over Geographe Bay into the Indian Ocean. The smoke can be differentiated from the clouds also seen in the image by its blue–grey tint. Credit: ESA/Belspo – produced by VITO

Australia: The European Space Agency (ESA) minisatellite Proba-V has captured an enormous smoke plume from a bushfire raging south of Perth in Western Australia. The 300-meter-resolution false-color image you can see above shows the blue-gray smoke over Geographe Bay on Jan. 7, 2016. This fire has burned down an area exceeding 700 square kilometers.

Proba-V’s main camera has a swath width of 2,250 kilometers, and collects light in blue, red, near-infrared and mid-infrared wavebands at 300-meter resolution. The central field of view is capable of capturing images in 100-meter resolution.

Source: ESA