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ESA releases first global map of earth’s crust and mantle

Paris, France: The Europe Space Agency’s (ESA) GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) satellite produced the first global high-resolution map of the boundary between the earth’s mantle and its crust (the Moho). Understanding the Moho will offer new clues into the dynamics of earth’s interior, scientists at the ESA claimed.

The earth’s crust makes up only 1 percent total volume of our planet and is just the outermost shell. However, this 1 percent is very important to the overall makeup of the earth. Geological resources such as oil and minerals are found in the crust, as well as natural gas. The crust also hosts many geological processes such as volcano eruptions and earthquakes.

By producing the first high-resolution global map of the Moho, the GOCE Exploitation for Moho Modeling and Applications project (GEMMA) plan to study the way the ocean moves and circulates. By understanding more about ocean circulation, scientists hope to learn more about the Earth’s interior, as well as changes in sea-level and the way energy is exchanged globally via oceanic movement.

By using the inversion of homogenous gravimetric data, the GEMMA Moho map is able to estimate Moho depth globally, even in areas where ground data is not accurately available. This new map will also give scientists clues about gravitational density around the globe.

Source: ESA